Why And How: Going Paperless As Part Of Company Culture

Why And How: Going Paperless As Part Of Company Culture

Going paperless should be expected, ever since with the invention of email – you don’t have to write lengthy sentences by hand and in physical paper. Information scientist Frederick Lancaster have predicted the outcome since the 70s.

Why You Should Go Paperless

Faster Information, Efficiency And Time Saving Issues

This emerging trend certainly have their own appeal, particularly as we are be able to minimize significant amount of load of documents, and everything stored in the computer can be viewed, send, and making changes while on the go at near instantly, making sure that only crucial documents are printed when needed – extra point for saving money.

Going Green Is Neccesary

Not to mention that the trend itself is indirectly invokes a nature-conscious feel, it certainly gives a positive message to your clients and business partners that you care for the environment. Statistically, nearly 1 billion trees worth of paper that are used and thrown away in the States.

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Its’ Easier To Go Paperless

Plus, with the cloud computing technology – paperless is not far reach anymore, it’s a neccesity.

How To Create a Paperless Work Environment

Here are some ideas that can help you getting started.

Internal documents (word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations) can be saved directly in cloud storage, and the technology works to save your current work and sync in regular period to ensure that the documents stays updated and you only need to print it out, when needed. Dropbox, Google Drive are some of the free options that you can use.


An article here provides more information on which cloud storage is suitable for your business.

Billings and monthly statements come in well, monthly basis. and that usually carries a lot of paper if you only plan to glance at the total bill – choosing to pay through online is much effective and time saving, plus it’s easier to track. Most banks and service providers offers incentives if you go through the online route, to encourage a paperless environment.

Change the usual routine of printing large numbers of handouts for each meeting and make use of your computer’s capabilities instead. Conducting meetings is easier with the use of applications such as TeamViewer, that enables you to make presentations to any computer, while handouts can be downloaded directly from cloud storage for personal use.

Scanning and faxing is the integral part of any business, and with current technology going paperless is effective than the traditional route.

Scanning apps are available widely from your smartphone’s marketplace, to scan documents directly and quickly converts them into formats of your choice for easy emailing. As for incoming faxes, sites such as eFax.com, offers solution to put the scanned documents right into your inbox.


At Venturette Solutions, going paperless is certainly effective and we encourage our clients to go paperless as well as its time-saving for both parties to hand out necessary documents, for a smooth negotiation process.

Our paperless approach is well demonstrated in steps working with suppliers and buyers.

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