Types Of Suppliers Existed (At The Moment)

Types Of Suppliers Existed (At The Moment)

The type of company/party that is essential to a business. There are different types of suppliers existed with their own capabilities, matched well with different types of business available in the market.

Detailed description for each type of suppliers are as follows:

Types Of Suppliers Available

Also known as suppliers, manufacturers and vendors are the starting point of the supply chain, the company is the one that create the finished product for purchase, usually in bulk quantity, although retail, smaller quantities are also possible.

Wholesalers (also known as distributors) on the other hand, bought the product from the manufacturer in bulk for sale for the next tier in the supply chain. Companies at this level are able to supply large orders as well.

Types Of Suppliers
unlike before, suppliers can come from any country of your choice, as long as it fits with your business

Franchisers obtained licensing rights from the original business owner, allowing them to develop their own business with attractive pricing rates.

Importers and exporters are the kind of suppliers that operates on a global scale, where they will purchase products from one country and supply it into another (and vice versa).

Crafts people are a specialty, independent kind of manufacturers that produce their unique product in small quantity and they sell/supply their products directly to retailers, dropshippers, and consumers through their shop, website, or even trade shows.

Drop shippers affiliates with upper tier level supply chain (manufacturers, importers, or wholesalers) that will deliver your product once they have purchased of the said business. This type of supplier is strategic on its own as it eliminates the need for storage and/or display for the products.

So, Which Supplier Is The Right For My Business?

Finding the right supplier for your business depends on several factors, with half of them is related  to your business model. Contrary to usual assumption, it’s not really about getting your products directly only from the first level of the supply chain; any level is possible as long as it works with your business.

A new post that address specifically on the issue will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

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