Types Of Sunflower Oil, Available In The Market

Types Of Sunflower Oil, Available In The Market

How many types of sunflower oil are available in the market? Well, the answer is three. With the difference is depending on the fatty acids it contains, namely high oleic, mid oleic and linoleic acids.

types of sunflower oil

The Difference In Each Types of Sunflower Oil

The difference is simply due to the ratio between polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in the oil, resulting from the seeds that are grown.

High oleic are regarded as the most healthy option of sunflower oil, with monounsaturated fatty acids makes up the most of the oil, while linoleic falls at the less healthy one.

High Oleic Acid Sunflower Oil

This type of oil makes up with monosaturated fat as high as 80%. this type of oil is used in manufacturing food products, as the oil remains relatively stable at high temperature – making it ideal for frying, baking, and various cooking methods that uses high temperature – and will not spoil when stored long term.

Plus, it’s bland neutral taste serves (pun intended) as an advantage as it won’t interfere with the final product.

Mid-Oleic Sunflower Oil

Mid-oleic ones is the most common types of sunflower oil, and regarded as the standard’ in North America region. This type of oil is beneficial for consumption and less likely to go rancid when stored.

In short, mid-oleic have the features you need from both spectrum of sunflower oil, although not as high as the either ends.

Linoleic Acid Sunflower Oil

Linoleic oil is the original kind of sunflower oil. A polyunsaturated kind, the oil is high in tocopherols (vitamin E), with light taste. This type of oil is commonly used in salad dressings, margarine, and shortening food manufacturing process. Linoleic acid also can be hydrogenated to make it more stable.

Types of sunflower oil
Types of sunflower oil and their fatty acid profile

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