Types Of Packaging Plant Oils Used To Transport

Types Of Packaging Plant Oils Used To Transport

When handling oils for import/export purposes, the best action is to ensure what type of packaging to use for shipping. Just like other kinds of non-hazardous liquids, the safety may not be as rigid as the dangerous ones, but proper handling is important to avoid spillage, contaminating the area.

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Types Of Packaging Plant Oils, Available For Shipping

One of the ways is to use ISO tank containers, where the liquid is put directly into it. This type of tank is used to ship both hazardous and non-hazardous oils (though not in the same tanks), and you can opt for adding insulation, heating and cooling system for products that require temperature-controlled factors, protective linings and various modifications to maintain the integrity of the product.

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The downside is the use of this container requires return loads, leasing agreements, and thorough cleaning which can be costly.

On the other hand, intermediate bulk container (IBC) totes and drums are industrial grade reusable containers used for storing and transporting products in liquids or powders. Thanks to their cube shape and comes in rigid, folding, and flexible, IBC can be stacked and moved in bulk by a pallet jack or forklift, making in better alternative to ISO tanks.


The best option if possible is choosing flexitanks. The packaging shaped like a bag, flexitank can holds 10000 and 24000 liters (depending on the size) and fits well in a standard 20-feet freight container. Usually it’s used to carry non-hazardous liquids, and it’s a single-use type packaging to prevent cross-contamination, making it very handy for packaging plant oils.


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Easily disposable and can be recycled so there’s no need for return loads, therefore saving time and money, making them an attractive option to use for shipping bulk products.

Choosing the right shipping option is essential for optimizing cost whenever possible.

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