Trending in Olive Oil Consumption

Trending in Olive Oil Consumption

No need for lengthy intros for olive oil – the use and the benefits have been widely and deeply ingrained in our minds for centuries, and it’s for a good reason, health-wise. Will it be enough to forecast global consumption of this plant oil a positive outlook?

It’s no secret, olive oil is one of the ingredients that you need to use if you are serious in loving a healthy life. Consuming olive oil on regular basis improves the good cholesterol in the blood, reducing the fatal risks of heart attack. Plus, the oil is also beneficial for the beauty aspects, as seen by current trend of using more of this plant oil (instead of palm) in beauty products.

Global Trending in Olive Oil

Initially, there is a significant worldwide shortage of olive oil (as far as 30% from initial numbers) and the prices simply surge upwards, due to several years back of undermining factors, mainly weather (flood, heat wave) to countries that produce olive oil and created a domino-like effect with the yield as the end point. And the gloom trend is expected to halt, with forecasts predicts an upward trend in the coming years.

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Globally, edible oils and fats are expected to reach significantly during the forecast period 2017-2023, due to increasing demand and rising awareness of vegan, healthy lifestyle, as well as improvement in harvesting and extracting techniques.

Specifically for olive oil, the success comes from meticulous methods to improve the oil’s overall quality, in order to increase the odds against unfavorable factors that can undermine the production on the first place.

In conclusion, there are more high quality olive oils than before, and the future looks promising as the public use it more as part of their lifestyle.

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