Key Trends For Food And Beverage To Look Out For 2018

Key Trends For Food And Beverage To Look Out For 2018

Let’s start with a fact that the trends for food and beverage sector is dynamically changing. For food and beverage type of companies, the ever-changing customer preference and dynamic movement within global market serves as the key factors to look out in order to stay competitive.

As for this year, it’s no different and change is the one that’s consistent. Look out for the trends listed and see if they can impact your business both directly and indirectly.

Trends For Food And Beverage Companies To Focus On

Growing Trend Of Health-Conscious Preference With Exotic, Edgy Flair

Some might label is as ‘hipster’ and certainly it looks like healthy eating trend is here to stay, thanks to the millennial taking lessons from the previous generation.

Exotic, adventurous palates that can be complex (yet easy to prepare) and coupled with attractive, convenient packaging and efficient system takes the center stage.

This factor can serves as advantage to small-to-medium F&B where they can serve the demand at quicker rate. As shown by numerous data last year, big companies seen their total sales declining as they didn’t catch up with the trend, instead maintaining with their (mostly) highly processed snacks and old-school marketing approach.

This year, health-based F&B stays, with being edgy, modern, and hipster as the twist. Source:


Food And Safety Efforts

Increasing focus and effort on this particular area is largely due to public concern coming from the reports of food safety issues in the last few years. Thanks to social media this issue can spread out like a wildfire and in turn, the public are more aware and insisting on the trustability from this companies to provide assurance on their food safety policy.

Mergers And Acquisitions Focus On Specialty Companies

As it seems like small-to-medium companies are on board with the trend, there is a sudden rise of mergers and acquisitions of these companies. As it’s more cost effective to do so than starting everything and compiling data from scratch. Either way, it’s a win-win for both parties in satisfying public consumption while taking in profits and popularity.

Conquering Multiple Channel To Serve Public Food Demands

What used to be a competition for shelf space, the trend have shifted towards E-commerce (as high as 30% in sales) as busy consumers very much prefer home delivery.

trends for food and beverage companies
M&A as shown by these companies shows that conquering multiple channel is essential for companies to stay. Credit picture:


The current trend certainly looks interesting and it’s something that we’ve never seen before. Consumers are getting savvy by day and that alone is the main factor that food and beverage companies can focus on, to leverage their odds for staying long-term and competitive.

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