Tesla Semi Trucks Is Entering Supply Chain

Tesla Semi Trucks Is Entering Supply Chain

It looks like supply chain is going to be disrupted with Tesla Semi Trucks. Instead of diesel, these trucks go full electric.

Tesla Semi Trucks unveiled according to the second Master Plan made last year.


Basic On The Semi Truck Specs

Tesla Trucks do have some impressive specs: it covers up to 800 km in a single charge, speeds up to 60 in 5 seconds, it’ll do in 20 seconds while pulling a full load, and generally being cheaper than diesel counterparts, up to 20%.

The tech included that ensures the driver to be safe as much as possible, notably by positioning the driver’s seat in the middle to avoid blind spot. Screens, sensors, and computers are all included for safety and efficient driving.


Included in the vehicle is Autopilot system with emergency automatic braking, lane detection and automatic warnings.

And the trucks needs to be charged with what dubbed as “Megacharger”.

Advantages And Features

A unique feature with these trucks are the “Convoy Mode”, a feature that allows up to three more trucks  to follow the lead, to save charge by lowering wind resistance. And this means also to skip off the extra drivers, saving a tonne from there.


As expected in similar manner with Model 3, production for the trucks is expected to start in 2019, which indirectly meant the delivery start somewhere 2020. Walmart (a giant chain convinience store is the States) have preordered their Tesla Trucks, certainly this giant is worth the wait.

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