Sunflower Oil Forecast. Expect Growth In 10 Years

Sunflower Oil Forecast. Expect Growth In 10 Years

This article is about sunflower oil forecast market, for the next decade. Sunflower oil has been used for years, mainly for cooking purposes. Rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids, vitamin E, and among other nutrients that make up this golden oil, sunflower oil provides benefits necessary for human health, and also making the food, look and taste simply good.

Trend And Forecast of Sunflower Oil Forecast Consumption

Mainly, this oil is divided into two broad categories: edible and non-edible uses; with the former accounts for the major part of the sunflower oil global market.

sunflower oil forecast market by region
Rate of edible oils and fats consumption by region during 2010, follows until today

Factors That Push Sunflower Oil’s Growth

Although the trend have gone slightly downward early last year, the price has gone back and in competitive with rapeseed oil (especially in European countries), subsequently creates a demand and interest with sunflower oi.

Increasing food consumption, being easily available, notable health benefits, increasing population and subsequently, demand, as well as as being generally low cost to produce forces the growth of the oil in near future, as expected in most forecasts; the restriction to the trend is contamination and oxidation factors that commonly happen with plant oils.

Plus, the innovation of flexitanks making transporting the oil is easier than before.

Innovation of flexitanks making transportation liquids easier than before.

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