Should You Be Concern With Us?

Should You Be Concern With Us?

Sometime ago while our team were sorting out information and connecting buyers with our networks of suppliers, we received an inquiry asking if we are scammers and such.

Suffice to say, we are not. And after explaining to the person who made that inquiry, silence is what we got in return.

And it’s quite understandable.

In the virtual world where we can set up identities in the matter of minutes, fraudulent issues play a huge impact in our life, including our procurement services. While we don’t receive this treatment daily, it’s enough to alarm us and to take proactive measures immediately.


Rest assured, this company exist for real and we adhere to strong ethics and integrity, upholding our mission and vision to provide you procurement services as efficiently as possible.

When in doubt, you can contact us and our team will attend to your inquiries (no matter how trivial) as soon as possible, through the general inquiry form provided here or through WhatsApp at +6018-219 1711.

You can visit our social media accounts, as shown in this site.

We are here to serve you. Sincerely.

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