When it comes to shipping goods, there will be a number of areas that may be not completely clear. The best mode of shipment, optimal routes to the destination, delivery schedules and to reserve space before finally loading the goods, Incoterms used between buyer and seller, as well as legal issues.

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It’s best for you to consult with local freight forwarders beforehand to determine the best choices to ship the goods – either by air, sea, rail, or the combination of two modes (known as multimodal). And nowadays it’s common to use multimodal transports where a multimodal transport operator takes care the whole operation – as well as to confirm with buyers beforehand to avoid any delays.

Shipping by Sea

There are different types of service in exporting goods by sea, known as consolidation.

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A paper boat certainly doesn’t hold enough cargo

By consolidating your cargo at the warehouse along with others, before shipping everything out in either LCL (less than container load), FCL (full container load, on the chassis), Heavy-Lift, Break-bulk or Project Cargo for cargoes with complex requirements, or RORO (roll-on roll-off) for cargoes that are drivable yet oversized for standard containers.

Shipping by Air

This shipping method is certainly quicker than by sea or road, and generally it translates a superior condition for your goods upon arrival. Plus, the cost can be reduced significantly as the goods are shipped by local airports instead of international ports.

Depending on local customs, certain details needed, especially if the exported goods have specific requirements (such as temperature, humidity levels, or containing hazardous materials).

To Note

Keep in mind to have the goods for export fit in nicely with the shipping requirements, applying insurance (if applicable), and well-documented for smooth transit.

Local freight forwarders have their own unique offers and benefits, hence be sure to shop around to get the best rate for you to cut costs as much as possible.

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