Managing Olive Groves From Climate Effects

Managing Olive Groves From Climate Effects

As shown from the previous article, increasing trend of olive oil consumption as predicted for the next decade has spur the producers to ramp up production rate, with improved technology and management practices, as well as minimizing unfavorable odds as much as possible – mainly from the climate.

How Climate Affects Olive Groves

Hot and dry summer creates significant challenge and increases a water stress, prompting farmers to improve current irrigation system for the olives to thrive and to ensure that the water remains well in the subsoil.

The need to hoard and collect water as much as possible are certainly ineffective, hence a dry-farming technique is studied and developed, especially to non-irrigated olive groves.

Olive Oil Times

Plus, the temperature rise that continues well into the winter season will affect other varieties of olive trees, as they need to be under 6°C to prepare for the next growing stage – if this is not possible, a chilling equipment may be needed.


Using a water cycle processes can be beneficial for the tress to thrive and more resilient to the issues. Improving the soil’s porosity to enhance it’s hydraulic conductivity, by retaining water in deeper parts of the soil, up to 4 meters deep, as well as using a zero-tillage system, reserving light tillage to eliminate herbaceous plants that may compete with olive trees to grow.

Undersowing is also needed, to improve soil structure and ratio of minerals and microorganisms activity within thus creating a root system and limiting soil erosion that are strong enough to tackle the drought season that might happen in future.

Researches are also proposing the use of treated urban waste water for the trees, as they contained essential minerals for the olives to grow. Currently, the experiment shows a favorable outcome, not to mention that the move certainly saves a lot of time and money.

These steps/measures taken are certainly creating a promising environment for the market. Click here to know the future of olive oil, as predicted by the top experts.

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