Latest Tech To Watch Out For In Near Future

Latest Tech To Watch Out For In Near Future

The exponential rise of technology has certainly boost the market’s movement to a higher level. Indeed, nowadays we are witnessing a massive transformation with new addition of players into the market, to serve the market. Which are the trends in tech that we need to look out for, for both big and small time players in the industry?

To stay competitive and ahead of the curve, firms need to stay innovative as the consumers are becoming increasingly demanding. Time is of the essence, with being efficient and reliable all the time differentiates between the players, competing to stay in the market.

Examples of latest tech making an intro in the industry:

Which Technology Is Making Heads Up In Import Export Industry?

Technologies such as drones, self-driving vehicles, and 3D printers are making an appereance and the result is promising.

Within few years we can expect to see more 3D print centers that caters for both local and regional production, where certain items and goods can be printed in situ instead of exporting and importing the whole package halfway across the globe (similar process to equipment assembled in certain country to reduce costs related with import and export), creating a ‘virtual warehouse’.

Self-driving vehicles (think Tesla and Google) and drones (tested by Amazon) are ready to change how we can run our business as autonomous vehicles (along with related tech such as sensors, card beacons, and real-time location system: RTLS) means great convenience for both business and to our customers. This can have a huge impact on logistics.

An Amazon Drone. Source:

Blockchain nowadays, also to be the forefront in the industry (a safe and secure data storage for anyone involved can access). the information contained in the system is well secured and will benefit the personnel involved (from the supplier to buyer) easy, visible, and safe access to the data in otherwise dispersed environment.


Current technology is moving into a new direction and companies certainly need to move ahead of the curve to stay competitive; the tech just keeps changing for secured, perfect system all in order to serve their customers.

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