Is Social Media Really Necessary For Import/Export Business?

Is Social Media Really Necessary For Import/Export Business?

For a short answer, it would be a (sound) yes. Social media has changed the game in marketing (exponentially, I might add) that signing up an account in few platforms is considered to be a part of your marketing strategy for your business.


The Reason Why Social Media Is a Must

Life is fast-paced than ever before, and getting instant news is a necessity if you want to stay on top of your game. Plus, using these accounts as a tool for raising awareness about your business to the public is a lot easier than the traditional way that can be relatively time consuming.

That said, because of the emergence of various types of platforms and techniques it can be daunting to be sure which is the right one suitable for your business model.

How Can I Use Social Media For My Business?

The Right Platform

For a start, using the right platform is the first thing to consider in devising your social media strategy. It will be pointless if your hard work and time spent creating content falls for naught if nobody is going through and read it.

There’s no need to sign up for the whole social media accounts existed anyway. Pick top 3 that is useful for your business and start right there.

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Depending on the industry, your target audience pooled in a certain platforms so that’s where you should be focusing your energy on; it can be three, five, or perhaps just one platform thus study your audience beforehand.

For import export business, top social media platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Twitter, and Google+.

Add Value To Your Audience

As people using social media to connect and search information, showcase your expertise and add value to your audience, and indirectly draws them back to your page for more.

Measure Your Metrics

A good way to know if your content is received well by your audience is by analyzing metrics associated with the particular social media account. for example, you can use Google Analytics to track performances of your website, where it provides a plethora of information and data.

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These numbers serves as indicators if your content is well-received, detecting any patterns and to know if it’s suitable to your audience. As well as a visual way for you to see clearly if the messages come across among your audience and from there you can decide if you should continue, adjust, or abandon together the campaign.


Social media has really changing the game for marketers and businesses and jumping into the bandwagon can certainly help to raise awareness of your business, to the public.

And at Venturette Solutions, we take this matter quite seriously to ensure the messages, value, and information within our content across all social media platforms delivered directly to you.

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