How The Uprising Of Malaysia Politics Affecting Asean Countries

How The Uprising Of Malaysia Politics Affecting Asean Countries

By May 10, the aftermath of 14th General Election Day marks the end of one of the world’s longest ruling coalition, with the opposition taking over by winning majority of seats contested. News around the world following the progress of the election, as it runs by the fourth Prime Minister, effectively making him the seventh. How does the future fare from this interesting leadership change?

What condsidered as the comeback of the Prime Minister Tun. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, used to be a fourth PM that public and the world revered with his strategy and outspoken.

The peaceful power transfer certainly affects at the global level – local politics, change of direction and approach, foreign policy, trade markets, commodities and such – and key players are looking for the potential in their respective business.

As expected, most of the business have been dealing with the country for some time, and this change will bring the age of uncertainty. Making improvements on what many would say ‘stale’ from previous government will not happen overnight – more than 4 decades of previous ruling making solid foundation in various aspects of the country, local and global, pursuing independent and neutral foreign policy.


Still, following the Prime Minister’s track record when he was the fourth, foreign policies and improvements of the overall aspects of the public can give certain assurance that the same leadership continues with the current regime.

The current government intend to play an active role in increasing the country’s prominence among Asian countries, particularly for Southeast Asia, in security, politic, economic, and cultural aspects.

In Conclusion

While at this stage it is early to know for sure how the current regime fares in their performance, one can be assured that there’s hope for positive outcomes that will benefit for all the parties involved, considering what the foreign policy fourth PM have made previously, will continue to do so now he’s the seventh.

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