Fraudulent Companies – How We Take Action

Fraudulent Companies – How We Take Action

Similar to the issue explained in the last post, concerns involving scams and fraud is nothing new and we take this matter quite seriously, hence the necessary precautions to ensure that only reliable and genuine companies that work with us, for a profitable business relationship sans scammy hiccups.

Unlike before, nowadays you can set up identities in the matter of minutes, register yourself in various sites and that’s it.

Fraudsters is everywhere, and our team do get their ridiculous inquiries and offers occasionally. They pretend to be trustable, and will seek ways to get a cut of your hard-earned money when the opportunity arises.

We certainly are not going to take part in such dishonest work, and as trustability is paramount in our company, we have preventative measures to stop fraud activities from happening.

Although we are not going to advertise how we spot any scams that come in our way, kindly be informed that our team will take legal action if should any suspicious activity happen.

What Can You Do For Your Part

If you are a genuine and reliable supplier/buyer, our team will be more than happy to assist you, building a profitable business relationship between two parties, in accordance to our company policies. Rest assured that we adhered to it strictly and ethically, as well as keeping our word to ensure a smooth and streamline process.

only work with direct suppliers and buyers

Kindly provide related documents and complete information of your company to prove your authenticity and we’ll take our discussion further.

Should you have any questions or matters that need to be clarified, drop us an inquiry through this form and our team will get back to you at the soonest.

Looking forward to work with you.



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