China Set To Improve Their Business Environment

China Set To Improve Their Business Environment

In the latest news of this month (September 2017), China has reformed itself by issuing a number of protocols and measures to attract foreign investments and growing business environment within the country.

China is set to open their doors. Credit photo: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The measures are made to attract foreign companies (which translates to investments), particularly in technology sectors (new energy, ship design, and aviation, while financial sectors, gas, and other high-valued services are in near future), to conduct research and development activity in China, as well as establishing a headquarters here.

Such measures include streamlining in various processes, simplifying visa processes and downplaying residency rules for foreigners, improving transparency and predictability, particularly for standardized services, as well as allow these foreign companies to transfer their revenues out of country without hassle.

In short, the end goal is to create a fair and just market environment.

As it’s not surprising, considering the last survey conducted where the respondents largely felt unwelcome in China, with less than 30% felt that the overall work environment is improving. The end result – slowing down of foreign investments into China.

In conclusion, this approach certainly looking interesting as China opens their doors for an assuring, long-term ventures.

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