Avoiding Insurance Claims. Minimizing The Hassle

Avoiding Insurance Claims. Minimizing The Hassle

The weather isn’t always in our favor. And the last thing that we want to deal with is when the cargo we have shipped suffers significant damage that a damage control procedure is necessary.

Yes, this may be a taboo topic. But reality, your products may go through unfavorable weather conditions, once it leaves the port. The forces are enough to cause damage to unprotected cargo (think additional transportation costs, and not to mention slightly affected business relationship), hence some preventative action is necessary.

Read here to know more if your cargo is involved in unfortunate incident.

Avoiding Insurance Claims

How To Prevent Damaged Cargo, On The First Place

Prepare your freight cargo with the procedures in mind – the cargo may be slung around during transportation and at worse, left outside under the weather sans covering. At best, pack with the expectation of worse in human nature, just to be safe.

Waterproof covering, cushioning material, heat pads for temperature regulation; any measures that can be essential to ensure your cargo delivered safe and sound.

Avoiding Insurance Claims
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Get familiar with the destination port (that includes the roads, general weather, and warehouse conditions, special requirements, to name a few), and package your items as according to the condition.

Expect worst possible condition from the weather – a storm might just come pass through the ship’s route, and the cargo is likely to shift around violently in the stormy seas. Other people’s cargo can smash onto yours (or vice versa). Even if the weather is favorable, normal conditions such as heat, sun rays, rain, and salt air can be compromising to your cargo.

Train your personnel to inspect and handle the freight thoroughly in the process.

At best, pack your products with possible return in mind. Should the buyers intend to do so, provide them with guidance on packaging for returns.

Prevention is better than cure.

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