Costly Packaging Mistakes: How To Avoid

Costly Packaging Mistakes: How To Avoid

In supply chain, packaging is part of the important factor, to ensure your shipment arrives safe and sound. And at the same time, being cost effective is also essential. So how far can you go to protect your cargo, without going overboard?

Avoiding Costly Packaging Mistakes

Creating a standardized system in packaging is important to ensure a streamlined, efficient process. A SOP is a must, should be part of the operation, and keep updated regularly. This ensures regularity within department and in a way, reflects your company’s value itself.

costly packaging mistakes
By definition, a cube-shaped packaging is the best kind for shipping and tranporting

Tip: Your packaging can be the voice of your brand, to tell the story on your behalf

Rather than oversimplifying, try to optimize each step as much as possible, and cut costs whenever necessary to balance between money spent and material used for packaging. Logistic should always be the integral part of the whole process from beginning, not as an afterthought.

Research the best material possible to protect your product. Consider various factors such as reliability, availability, as well as sustainability and find the right resources that fit well with your needs and goals – varied depending on the product’s characteristics, and even the total budget you’re willing to spent.

We usually don’t think about it, but it’s best to prepare for returns, as the worst case scenario. Rarely the clients that purchased your product, know full well to pack the product as secure you did. This alone can hike up the overall costs and manpower involved.

A situation no one likes to face

For that, it’s best to use packaging materials that can used multiple time, and you can include a simple guide for shipping instructions so you can expect the products returned looks and secure just like the ones you sent.


Avoiding costly packaging mistakes needs to be implemented to reduce this expensive mistake, as much as possible

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